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magical realism

It's impossible to walk past a work by Clara Leff and become insensitive, because her works vibrate. And it's not just for the colors, lights and technique, which he masters with mastery, but also for the energy that emanates from all his canvases.

His characters, with turquoise skin tones (the color of transformation), are almost always in a contemplative state. Inserted in natural landscapes and dreamlike situations, they translate all the mystical power of “being a woman”: a mixture of mother, daughter, fairy, mermaid, goddess and witch.

His works are an immersion in the search for self-knowledge. They represent their own experiences and those of women around them. Also a search for the true power of the feminine and the challenge that is to seek to bring out the wild (natural) woman despite all the pressures and standards that today's society imposes.

This is the great differential of Clara's work: the alchemy in translating such deep desires and feelings through a magical realism. This is what makes his work so beautiful, unmistakable and desirable. Yes, your works vibrate!

Jaque Leff - Curator

realismo mágico.


Clara Leff
Empena Lygia Fagundes Telles
#Isa & Clara no Ibira
CEU Parelheiros
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